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  • Vincent Bugliosi's massive tome on the JFK assassination purports to be a "comprehensive and fair evaluation of the entire case.....The theorists may not agree with my conclusions, but in this work on the assassination I intend to set forth all of their main arguments, and the way they, not I, want them to be set forth, before I seek to demonstrate their invalidity. I will not knowingly omit or distort anything."

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August 28, 2007


Pat Speer

For whatever reason Bowles was desperate to debunk the HSCA's conclusions re the dictabelt evidence, and took many purported short-cuts. When one looks at the anonymous witness statements included in his book, The JFK Assassination Tapes and compares them to the statements of the actual witnesses when using their own name, it's clear Bowles added words and bits to their statements in order to deceive his readers.

Here are but a few examples.


Motorcycle officer B.J. Martin: (The Kennedy Assassination Tapes, 1979) Officer D “I was looking at the President when the first shot was fired. It missed. The second shot hit the President in the back, and the third shot hit him in the head.”

Now compare this to Martin's earlier testimony. (2-14-69 testimony in the trial of Clay Shaw) “after we turned onto Elm Street I heard what I thought was a shot and then I heard, I looked back to my right and two more shots or what I thought to be two more shots I heard…(Asked if he saw the effects of the third shot) “No, sir, I did not…All during the shots I was looking to my left and right trying to find out where the shots were coming from…it was after the third shot it had almost came to a stop, it was going very slow.”

Motorcycle officer William Lumpkin: (The Kennedy Assassination Tapes, 1979) Officer B. “At first I thought it was a motorcycle backfiring, as they were heating up. The first shot apparently missed the limousine as it hit the curb, not too far from where they (Mary Moorman and Jean Hill) were standing. The second and third shots hit the President from the rear. At the time, I was facing east on Elm with the grassy knoll to my immediate left, and the corner of the stockade fence was less than 100 feet away. I saw nothing on that hill that looked in any way suspicious. I’m absolutely positive that there were only three shots, that they all came from back up Elm Street from the right rear of the President’s limousine, and that no one was shot from the grassy knoll.”

Now compare this to what Lumpkin said when using his own name.(No More Silence, p.154-161, published 1998) “we had turned off of Main Street onto Houston for one block, then over to Elm Street, then turned back left, and we were stopped at the time before we heard the shots. When the shots occurred I thought it was a motorcycle backfiring. I heard three distinct bangs with none of them being together or anything like that. There’s been conflicting reports where all the noise came from. From where I was it was behind me…I thought it was a motorcycle backfiring at first, till I turned back and saw the commotion in the President’s convertible. I wasn’t sure at the time what it was, but it later turned out it was his wife on the back. Then Chaney rode up to Curry and probably told him that the President had been shot. We were still stopped at the time, and then Chief Curry comes on and says “Let’s go, boys!” We went under the triple underpass and took the entrance ramp to Stemmons Freeway.”

Motorcycle officer Stavis Ellis:
(The Kennedy Assassination Tapes, 1979) Officer A “when the first shot was fired, I was looking directly at the President, and I saw the concrete burst into a cloud of dust when the bullet hit the curb. I noticed, too, that with the shot, some people started running in every direction, while several people hit the ground…Then while looking back at the President, I heard the second shot. The President became rigid and grabbed his neck. It also seemed like the limousine stopped or almost stopped, and agents from the following car started running toward the President’s limousine. The third shot hit the President in the head.”

Now compare this to what Ellis said when using his own name. (No More Silence p.142-l53, published 1998) “Just as I turned around, then the first shot went off. It hit back there…I could see where the shot came into the south side of the curb. It looked like it hit concrete or grass there in just a flash, and a bunch of junk flew up like a white or gray color dust or smoke coming out of the concrete…I thought there had been some people hit back there as people started falling. I thought either some crank had thrown a big “Baby John” firecracker and scared them causing them to jump down or else a fragmentation grenade had hit all those people. In any case they went down! Actually I think they threw themselves down in anticipation of another shot. As soon as I saw that, I turned around and rode up beside the chief’s car and BANG!...BANG!, two more shots went off, three shots in all!”

Eyewitness William Newman: (The Kennedy Assassination Tapes, 1979) Civilian L “When the President’s car came around the corner, I had a good view from about 150 feet. About that time I heard two loud sounds about three seconds apart. I didn’t associate them with gunshots… They seemed more like firecrackers. However, I did notice a change in President Kennedy, his arm went up and he seemed to stiffen. Just after the two sounds…the limousine stopped for an instant, a large man in the right front seat picked up what looked to be a telephone, and then the car shot forward again. Some of the agents on the following car got off…From a distance of 12-to 15 feet…we saw the bullet hit the President from the right rear and literally tear away the side of his scalp and right ear…Thinking about it afterwards, I had the impression that they had been fired from behind us. I noticed Mr. Zapruder with his camera and thought it was a gun. My impression was only “behind us,” not from the stockade fence. I am certain no shot was fired from there.”

Now compare this to Newman's earlier testimony. (2-17-69 testimony in the trial of Clay Shaw) “as the car was approaching I heard two shots -- BOOM, BOOM -- and when the first shot was fired the President throwed his hands up like this (demonstrating), and at the time what we thought had happened, somebody throwed firecrackers or something under the automobile and he was protecting his face. At the time of the first shot Governor Connally turned in his seat in this manner (demonstrating), to look back at the President I suppose, and then the second shot was fired, and then as the car approached us to where we were standing, I could see Governor Connally leaning back in his seat holding his hands down like this (demonstrating), and at that time I could see blood on his shirt, and that is when I actually realized that it appeared, you know, he had been shot. The President all the time was staying in an upright position in his seat and it looked like he was looking into the crowd of people as if he was trying to see someone. I caught a glimpse of his eyes, just looked like a cold stare, he just looked through me, and then when the car was directly in front of me, well, that is when the third shot was fired and it hit him in the side of the head right above the ear and his ear come off…I observed his ear flying off, and he turned just real white and then blood red, and the President, when the third shot hit him he just went stiff like a board and fell over to his left in his wife's lap, and I told my wife, "That is it, hit the ground," and that is when we hit the ground because I thought the shots were coming over our heads. And then I looked back and I saw Mrs. Kennedy jumping up on the back end of the car…”

Bowles is simply not credible. That Bugliosi relied upon his guidance is indicative of his own failings.

James Armistead

ALTERED JFK EVIDENCE: (Agent Clint Hill was added as a suspect.)
The “Rosetta Stone” of the JFK Assassination is the famous AP photo by James “Ike” Altgens, which was taken about one second after the throat wound of JFK, since it is the only photo in the historical files that shows a motorcycle cop next to the limousine during the final seconds. The Z-Film frames are “censored” by a Freeway sign and move upwards near the final shot to hide any motorcycle cops with black frame lines.

Therefore, if you cross-reference the following photos to each other by time and angles, you may discover that the Stemmons Freeway Sign was added to the Zapuder Film to block the motorcycle action around the limousine, during the assassination, and had to be added to many other photographs before they were released by the FBI.

1. Willis slide #5 shows saddlebags under JFK, but the rider is behind the SS car.
2. Willis slide #6 shows two men setting on the curb with no nearby sign.
3. A Bronson slide shows people in front of the sign (the umbrella man and the man near the curb), while Willis #5 shows them behind the Freeway sign.
So, the Willis #5 photo was really “botched-up” by someone.
4. “Aftermath of the Assassination in Dealy Plaza , with Bill and Gayle Newman on the ground”. Four sidewalk lines (16 feet?) can be seen with no Freeway Sign.
5. “Aftermath of the Assassination” by Press Bus photographer, shows an unknown sun shadow, but the angle is not consistent with other shadows.
6. Both Altgens photos may have been altered to show Agent Clint Hill riding on a fender of the SS Limo, instead of riding on the rear bumper, behind Jackie.

Other photographs can be found that question the real location of the Stemmons Freeway sign, like “Dealey Plaza” that appears in Jim Garrison’s book, On The Trail of the Assassins and “Dealey Plaza and the Dream” by Mack White. (Find with Google.) And, if you advertise on E-Bay for any (Nov., 1963) pictures of Dealey Plaza, you might discover that the sign was invented by a JFK Assassination censor.

Conclusion: A motorcycle cop or an SS Agent may have shot JFK from the street level, since many reliable witnesses smelled gun smoke. Plus, the dent in the windshield frame has never been explained by bullet angles, unless the first throat shot was at an upper angle that went through the throat and hit the windshield frame, afterwards.

Tippit honked at Oswald's house with another Officer. He then stopped at a gas station for 10 minutes for the assassin to change clothes. Next, he was shot, since he knew too much, at about 1:15 PM. The assassin worked for a mansion near where he was killed.

But, was C. Murchison’s or H. L. Hunt's mansion nearby? Murchison owned the “Dallas Cowboys” and several oil fields, financed the Neo-Nazis of George Lincoln Rockwell, and had a Nov. 21 party with Pres. Johnson, Nixon, Hoover, Tolson, Geo. Brown, Jack Ruby, and several reporters, said Johnson’s mistress, Madeleine Brown.

Did a Cop shoot JFK? Sept. 18, 2007
(Posted @ under “Weird Stuff” on Sept. 15)

In May 2007, a new book by Vincent Bugliosi, Reclaiming History, was released to debunk all theories about a conspiracy to hide the real assassin of JFK and will be followed by a 10 hour Mini-Series (this Fall) featuring expensive actors and one “Road to Perdition” Oscar winner. And, they might even debunk my new theory about J. D. Tippit driving the assassins “get-away”car.

In 2003, several scientists at the Univ. of Minnesota announced that they had discovered obvious proof of tampering in the Zapruder Film by Government Agencies and published their studies ( Many claim the Z-Film was a conspired hoax.

In 1998, a book was published about similar conclusions by Prof. James Fetzer. (Assassination Science.) (See also:

Therefore, in order to understand their claims and this solution you must be familiar with most discussions about the assassination and all the evidence that was ignored by the Warren Commission. And, assume that the famous photo by James “Ike” Altgens is unchanged, since it was published before the interference with the truth began.

But, Ike Altgens and his wife were killed in 1995 by fumes from a faulty furnace; so, even the full Altgens photo may have been altered. The complete version may have been altered after publication to add Agent Clint Hill to the fender of the SS Car, who only heard two shots, and had been riding behind Jackie on the limousine bumper before it turned the corner at the TSBD. So, he may have had a gun related hearing problem.

To prove any theory, all real bullet evidence must be explained in three to five shots,
since acoustic recordings indicate that only three shots were heard on a motorcycle radio.

Bullet 1: The first shot was fired from a TSBD window, harmlessly, into the grass as a diversion. This shot was not heard on the radio, but caused many bystanders to look backwards. This unreported bullet was detailed in the book, Crossfire, by Jim Marrs.

Bullet 2: The back and throat wound of JFK, the dent in the windshield frame, and the left thigh wound of John Connally were all caused by bullet #2, which required an upward trajectory and rebounded off the heavy, steel, windshield roll bar. Plus, bullet chips dented the rear view mirror and cracked the windshield. And, two fragments were found in the right, front seat carpet. This shot could have been muffled with special bullets and was fired at street level by a motorcycle cop, since many smelled gun smoke.

Bullet 3: The marks on the sidewalk near many bystanders and the curb chips near James Tague were caused by bullet #3, which was deflected by tree limbs, unless the last shot rebounded from a building on Houston Street. This shot may have been missed on the radio, since it was fired from the 6th floor of the TSBD building, also.

Bullet 4: The right wrist and chest wound of Connally were caused by bullet #4, which was fired by the same censored motorcycle cop. Hitting Connally’s wrist may have spoiled the aim at his right shoulder. This shot may have been slightly muffled, also.

Bullet 5: (Was it a special hollow point bullet?)
And, the right temple wound of JFK was caused by the upward angle of bullet #5 from near the limousine, while Nellie pulled on Connally's left arm. The rear exit hole was added between Dallas and the autopsy at the Bethesda (Connally) Naval Hospital.
Or, the photograph of JFK’s skull was altered after the last autopsy.

Tippit was shot three times by someone he trusted with the same .38 revolver and special .256 magnum (6.5mm) Winchester shells, since he drove the assassin to the Oak Cliff area of Dallas. (The Warren Report claims that he was shot four times.)

The Street Level Assassin: (Ref: AP Photograph by James Altgens.)
Clue: Several reliable bystanders smelled gun smoke at the street level. Therefore, a street level shooter is possible. Plus, any “Lone Sniper” would not miss a chance to hit his target on Houston St., as the limousine approached the TSBD or while slowing down to turn the 120° corner, where the shooting distance was only about 90 feet.

Shot 1 was fired as a diversion into the grass near the road from the TSBD.

Shot 2 was fired by a censored motorcycle cop and hit JFK in the back and came out his throat, and hit Connally’s left thigh, accidentally, after it rebounded from the windshield frame. After shot #1, the cop on the right side had “just cause” to draw his revolver.

Connally’s exclamation, “O God, they’re going to kill us all”, implies that the plan was known by Connally, but he now suspected a “double-cross”. So, he spun around and checked to see if JFK had been hit on the second shot, also, with his gun in his left hand.

Shot 3 was fired from the 6th floor, hit the sidewalk, accidentally, and the bullet glanced off the walk and hit the curb near James Tague. It caused most people to look “up” and backwards, which was the intent of the second diversion shot.

Shot 4 was fired by the above motorcycle cop. The bullet hit Connally in his right wrist and chest, came out his back, and a bullet may have been found on the stretcher. His white Stetson hat was “lost” and his suit was dry cleaned, intentionally, to hide all gun powder evidence. And, no complete 6.5mm. (.256 caliber) bullet fragments were ever found with identifiable rifle marks, except the “magic bullet” that may have fallen out of Connally’s back and was replaced with a pristine bullet for better false evidence.

Shot 5: The cop assassin may have hit Connally (deeper than planned with shot 4) and JC pulled the trigger on his hidden gun, as he was being pulled by Nellie, which was pointed at JFK under his hat. The hat prevented any powder burns on JFK. Therefore, Connally may have suffered powder burns on his right hand, which were not reported.

Or, the same motorcycle cop fired the final shot with a special, explosive bullet, which was plan “B”. Or, Agent Clint Hill may have used a 6.5mm Derringer for two shots.

Weapons: The above cop may have used “Oswald’s gun”, a snub-nosed .38 Special, since Winchester produced bottlenecked .357 magnum shells with 6.5mm. bullets that would fit “Oswald’s gun”, if the bullets were shortened. And, since the bullet tumbled after it struck Connally’s wrist, it was less than full powered. (Ref.: Ruger’s Hawkeye .256 magnum pistol, in 1962.) The gases escaping around the smaller bullet would cause the sound to be muffled and would reduce the propulsion velocity of the 6.5mm bullet.
(Ref.: The Assassination of a President Kennedy, by the New York Times, p. 517.)

The “Cop Assassin” or the “accidental excuse” by John Connally produced an organized "cover-up" to protect America's sanity and ignorance in our belief that our form of government is honest. And, the secrets in the JFK files may remain sealed, until 2017, unless people demand that all files be declassified, now that Nellie is also deceased.

The escape route by the secret shooter was successful by dumping his motorcycle (not Haygood’s) near the steps to the “grassy knoll”, by pretending to chase a sniper, and by leaving the scene in Tippit’s patrol car during the confusion. Tippit honked at Oswald’s, and then waited for the assassin to change his clothes at the gas station. The assassin then killed Tippit, since he was expendable, like most Mafia fools. J. D. Tippit had worked for the OSS during WWII and may have been used on other “company hit jobs". (So, trace Officer D.L. Jackson and Officer James Chaney as possible suspects.)

The Cover-Up:
Many frames on the Zapruder Film were removed to hide the identity of the assassin motorcycle cop and some were moved out-of-sequence to hide Connally’s position on the last shot and the motion of JFK’s head after the fatal shot. The perfect focus on the limousine keyhole occurred after the film was altered to remove one of the out-of-formation motorcycle cop. (See: Assassination Science, or

The missing cop on the Zapruder Film and other photography changes:
No Z-frame shows more than three motorcycle cops. But, the first version of the Altgens photo shows four motorcycle cops, where one helmet can be found between the visors. Officer James Chaney is identifiable; so, which officer was slightly behind JFK?
Fortunately, James Chaney (age 55) died of an apparent “heart attack” or “shell fish” poisoning in 1976 during the second JFK Senate Hearing before being called to testify.

Conclusion: A phony Stemmons Freeway Sign was added to block most of the action near the limousine; plus, many films were stolen or altered by experts, including the Z-Film in Life Magazine. And, the Altgens photo shows the position of two out-of-formation motorcycle cops after the first shot near the limousine. But, which Officer fired the second shot? (Ref: The Bronson slide shows the umbrella man’s location, differently, than Willis slide #5 in “Best Evidence”, by David S. Lifton, between p. 44 to 45, which may prove the sign was added to many photos.) (Ref.: The Stemmons Freeway Sign is missing in “On The Trail of The Assassins”, by Jim Garrison, p.190-b.)

Note: Another way to prove that the Freeway sign was added is the fact that the relative position of the sign to the nearest lady (in the babushka) does not vary (contrary to 3-D geometry) as the camera moves to the right. Normally, the nearest object to the left edge of the sign should disappear behind the sign as the camera pans to the right. (Ref: See the testimony of Emmett Hudson, about the relocation of the Signs in the Warren Report.)

The Umbrella Man at the scene of the crime had funny ears, like Nixon, and flashed a “V” (for victory) hand signal after the final shot. He can also be seen entering the rear door of a motorcade station wagon after the shooting on Willis slide #6. Other occupants of the same motorcade station wagon may be related to the assassination plot. So, check the occupants of the station wagon, and the position of the two men setting on the curb.

Research needed: Micro-inspect the Nix, Wiegman and Bell Films, too, which have all been altered with sections missing to hide the real location of the motorcycle cops.

George Jefferies JFK Film (2007) shows one Freeway Sign close to the pillar on the corner of the street. It also shows Agent Clint Hill riding on the President’s Limousine directly behind Jackie, before turning the corner at Houston Street.

On the Zapruder Film, after frame 132, at least 10 frames are missing that could help determine if Agent Clint Hill was still riding on the bumper behind JFK; since, Agent Clint Hill could have been removed from the Z-Film and added to the revised Altgens Photo on the SS car fender. Plus, he could have witnessed the last two shots, if still riding on the President’s bumper. Or, he could have fired the last shot, with his automatic!

On the Z-Film, the general fuzziness of the film is caused by several attempts to copy and to alter all problem areas.

At least one independent picture has the wrong tilt and position of the Freeway sign. Later or earlier pictures of Dealey Plaza may show no Stemmons Freeway sign located in the center of the North Pergola Monument. (Ref.:, on 11-23-63).
And, even experts ( can’t determine the firm location of the Stemmons Freeway sign, which is shown before the second lamppost on the Z-Film.

Motorcycles may be missing on the famous Moorman Polaroid picture, which has a convenient thumbprint to censor someone or something.

On the Mark Bell Movie Film, “Haygood’s” abandoned motorcycle, who was repositioned by “orders”, can be seen 43 seconds after the start of the movie, which was too soon for Officer Haywood to reach the kill zone. And, the unknown “Babushka Lady” can also be seen photographing people on the “grassy knoll” with her camera, which means she may have seen too much, and may have caught the real assassin and the “Umbrella Man” on film.

Oswald may have supplied the rifle for the sniper at the 6th floor window as any “stooge” or “patsy” would do, by just following orders. And, Jackie tried to escape from the last shooter, out the rear of the limousine. If her bodyguard was still riding “shotgun” at the time of the last shot, he should have testified about the blood and gray matter splatter, like the three motorcycle cops, Robert Hargis and Billy Joe Martin, and James Chaney.

The Plotter: Allen Dulles, CIA Chief (called "five fingers"), created the plan for revenge and to continue the master plan for Fascist America, since many are still loyal to "The Nazi Party" or “The Oil Octopus” that survived WWII. Plus, the MOB wanted their captured casinos in Cuba “liberated” by our government troops! (Ref.: The Bormann Brotherhood, by William Stevenson, a Canadian correspondent during WWII and early 1950's, and recall our Ex-Nazi Missile, Germ and Chemical Warfare Scientists.)

Gentleman Spy, Allen Dulles, had been fired (by Harold Stassen?) as a diplomat in Austria in the early 1930's, "since gentlemen don't spy on gentlemen" and found himself stranded in Vienna, where he started working for other countries, who needed good "intelligentsia". (Ref.: The Craft of Intelligence, by Allen Dulles, 1963.)

The Bay of Pigs was intended to start WW III, since American made German missiles were armed and ready, and both Connally and Dulles had been fired by JFK after he realized the fallout danger of invading Castro and aborted same. Dulles worked for five different countries during WWII, which is why he was nicknamed "five fingers". John Connally was Secretary of the Navy, which was his postwar ambition.

The motives were revenge and to accelerate the new war in Vietnam, where 50,000 Americans were sacrificed to increase the War Profits for many Nazis and American Warmongers and to increase the military industrial complex control of America. LBJ resigned from this fascist military conspiracy after his airplane crashed without him.

The reward for John Connally was Secretary of Treasury, where he printed millions (or billions) in undocumented, bogus $100 bills before being caught. And, his punishment was to retire where he claimed that he was broke, before he died. The bogus money may have been used or “laundered” during South American drug transactions, and was “covered” by lies, more taxes, more debts, and a new $100 bill design.

The bogus $100 bill profit was used to finance politicians, the Contras, Somoza, The School of the Americas, Noriega, “Baby Doc”, Saddam Hussein, Osama, Blackwater and the growing, Secret Neo-Nazi Party of North, Central and South America. The same old Nazi Party is now at war in Iraq and has wasted over $500,000,000,000 while trying to conquer only one major oil field, according to the P.N.A.C. Plan, which was conspired before 9-11 and even before the 2000 elections. (Ref.: “The Project for a New American Century”, which needed another Pearl Harbor to be justified by Congress.)

And, our Government’s National Debt has now increased to $9,000,000,000,000, which can be cured, in about 130 years, with 130 billion barrels of plundered oil from the Mid East (@$70/barrel and 3 million barrels per day) or with more Liberal Taxes in Texas.
Or, if oil increases to $100 per barrel, our National Debt could be paid in about 100 years, which may be the hidden goal of the P.N.A.C. Agenda, assuming no more than a trillion more dollars is wasted to complete their Conservative Agenda in the next decade.

And, if South American, Asian and European illegal insurgents continue to infiltrate our NAFTA controlled borders by the millions, which Nazi American Free Trade Association Dictator will be chosen in 2008 or in 2012 for George H.W. Bush’s New World Order?
His “New World Order” now “backs-up” NORAD from a Secret Control Center in Chile.

© Copyright by:
James H. Armistead (age 74) (a real name)
3165 N. Armistead Ave. (a fictitious address near Langley AFB)
Hampton, VA., 23669 (The Royal City of America in 1676.)

Note: James H. Armistead is an amateur sonnet poet at
and author of two "Armistead Family Stories" (find them with a Google search)
about Sir Francis Drake, the Armistead Family of Virginia, and “The House of Orange” in America, which could, also, be true. Twenty three of Shakespeare’s Sonnets are corrected, which were found to have about 280 typo errors, and which have not been noticed or challenged by millions of scholars in the last 400 years.

Ref: Assassination Science, by Prof. James Fetzer, who studied the wiggles in the Freeway Sign on the Z-Film, which could be caused by microscopic editing variations.
Ref: Photograph: “Dealey Plaza and The Dream” (on the Internet), by Mack White, shows the first Freeway sign under the trees on Nov. 23, 1963.
Ref: Photograph: “Aftermath of the Assassination” (on the Internet)
shows Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 (by a Press Bus Photographer).
The above picture shows about 30 feet of sidewalk after the tree with no Freeway sign.
Another picture shows about 50 feet of sidewalk after the tree with no Freeway sign.
Twenty bystanders, shoulder-to-shoulder, would require about 50 to 60 feet of sidewalk.
Ref: The George Jefferies Film on Nov. 22, 1963, which may have been altered.
Ref: which contains all slides of the Zapruder Film.
Ref: The Mark Bell Movie Film on Nov. 22, 1963, which has been shortened, too.
Ref: The Nix Movie Film on Nov. 22, 1963, where motorcycles were altered.
Ref: The Assassination of a President, New York Times, (p. 537?) Oswald’s gun.

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