Reclaiming History? Or Re-framing Oswald?

  • Vincent Bugliosi's massive tome on the JFK assassination purports to be a "comprehensive and fair evaluation of the entire case.....The theorists may not agree with my conclusions, but in this work on the assassination I intend to set forth all of their main arguments, and the way they, not I, want them to be set forth, before I seek to demonstrate their invalidity. I will not knowingly omit or distort anything."

    We beg to differ. Judge for yourself.

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July 16, 2007


Pat Speer

I have been writing about many of these same issues on my webpage. Bugliosi's use of Givens to prove Oswald was on the sixth floor when better more credible witnesses made it clear Oswald had come down for lunch is cherry-picking at its worst. Why repeat the Warren Commission's mistakes? Why not argue that Oswald had come down to establish an alibi, but then sneaked back upstairs? I suspect the answer is that Bugliosi has little interest in developing a logical scenario, and much more interest in telling everyone the Warren Commission was right all along and all those dang critics are wrong. Yawn.


Rather than working so hard to discredit Bugliosi's book why don't you provide a shred of evidence that anyone other than Oswald fired the rifle from the 6th floor. So who placed the gun, the brown paper wrapper to hide the gun, the cartridges and the strategically placedboxes with fingerprints on the 6th floor?? Casper the unfriendly ghost? Like Bugliosi correctly claims - all the evidence points to Oswald and no evidence points to anyone else.

Rex Bradford

Regarding why "don't you provide a shred of evidence" re: gun etc., here's one reply:

1. Rifle - Unknown persons planted it. Why is it incumbent upon writers years later to find someone that nobody was even looking for the day it happened?

2. Brown paper wrapper - Was it even there? See Ian Grigg's The Paper Bag That Never Was:

3. Cartridges - Presumably same unknown person who placed the rifle.

4. Box fingerprints - Oswald worked on that floor, and many workers' fingerprints were on the same boxes. Not very illuminating.

"All evidence points to Oswald" because it was designed to, and "no evidence points to anyone else" is true only in the strictest sense that conspirators didn't leave business cards at the scene.

One might ask, if all evidence points toward Oswald, such basic questions as:
1. Why did his cheek fail a paraffin test to see if he had fired a rifle?
2. Why no fingerprints on the rifle, only a highly suspicious palmprint on a piece of tape claimed days later to be from the rifle? How did Oswald assemble the rifle without leaving prints? Was he wearing gloves? Where are they? If we are required to locate people who planted the rifle, shouldn't Bugliosi and the WC be required to find the gloves?

Etc etc ad nauseam. This is all well-trodden ground, but with the Bugliosi book everything old is new again.

Dr. Gregg Wager

I still believe Roger Craig's testimony that the gun found on the sixth floor was a Mauser. This gun was not planted, it was one of the assassins' actual weapon.


You each probably believe that OJ was innocent also, correct? Sure the rifle was a Mauser, you bet - and of course the police planted the brown paper bag there for those magical curtain rods, right? So who planted Oswalds gun there and the empty shells - Casper again?? Damn that Casper - he provides you an alibi for all your excuses doesn't he?


Who planted all this evidence Rex - like I said you just prove my point further. You don't have a single solitary shred of evidence that anyone other than Oswald owned, touched or fired the weapon. Come on Rex, grasp some reality for awhile. Quit looking for Casper around every corner. I'll ask you one more time - provide one piece of credible evidence that someone other than Oswald is guilty. You can't do it.

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