Reclaiming History? Or Re-framing Oswald?

  • Vincent Bugliosi's massive tome on the JFK assassination purports to be a "comprehensive and fair evaluation of the entire case.....The theorists may not agree with my conclusions, but in this work on the assassination I intend to set forth all of their main arguments, and the way they, not I, want them to be set forth, before I seek to demonstrate their invalidity. I will not knowingly omit or distort anything."

    We beg to differ. Judge for yourself.

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May 29, 2007


Brian and Beth

We would note that, Professor Gerald W. McKnight, in his superb volume, Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why (2005), called Mr. Horne's study a "careful analysis of the autopsy records" that "was so convincing that ARRB's general counsel, Jeremy Gunn, was persuaded that it was 'highly plausible' that there had been two different brain exams after the autopsy."
McKnight, one of the top historians on the documented evidentiary base, concludes: "There is overwhelming forensic evidence that Kennedy's brain was replaced by a surrogate brain."
(p. 450, Breach of Trust)

Jack Lacton

It is said that you continue to grasp onto the delusion and can't accept the reality that Oswald killed Kennedy.

The two brain issue has been hopelessly debunked, as you're fully aware, and only those who cherry pick comments and take them out of context still believe it.

Brian and Beth

Actually it is Bugliosi who cherry picks.
For example, nowhere in his 1600 pages does he discuss the foremost ballistic expert, Dr. Joseph Dolce, who met with the Commission, the autopsy doctors, Connally's doctors and the Connallys on April 21, 1964.
Dolce told Arlen Specter the single bullet theory is false.
Specter did not like this but everyone else at the meeting also disagreed with his still developing theory except for one other doctor from the Army's Edgewood Arsenal.
Dolce took Oswald's rifle and 100 rounds of ammo and proved that even going through just the wrist the ammo was severly deformed, even, as he said, at low velocity.
His tests were ignored and he was never called as a witness. Specter called less qualified people and danced around the facts to prevent the damaging results of the experiments from getting into the record.
So much for leaving no stone unturned.
Just one of many facts the Commission ignored, covered up or distorted.
And this from the OFFICIAL record: you can read Melvin Eisenberg's 4/22/64 memo to J. Lee Rankin about this meeting.
Dolce recorded his objections in the award winning documentary, Reasonable Doubt by Chip Selby.
As he pointed out, they proved with experiments that the single bullet theory was not true.
The final report from the Army was not released for eight years and upon release ignored by all except Roffman, Weisberg, Wrone, McKnight to name a few.

Frank Tarantino

get a copy of the chicago sun times dated 11 23 63, dr perry mentions a wound of Entrance under jfk's adams apple also the finding of a german mauser on the 5th floor with 3 shots being fired from it and 1 shell left in the chamber


Mr. Horne,

I have read Bugliosi's book and your rebuttal. Bugliosi appropriately shreds your preposterous theories and throws them in the wind where they should be. The multiple brain theory is a joke and your name is now on the top of the list of pranksters who still advocate it. The word used to describe your theory from the chief forensic pathologist for the HCSA, Dr. Michael Baden, sums it up best: "ridiculous".

Mr Horne, your theories have been nothing but a distraction to this case and have added no value other than head scratching laughter and embarrassment.

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